Monday, May 19, 2014

The New York who found $40,000

Three roommates who purchased a couch for $20 found $40,000 in paper stashed in the bottom of the pillows on the couch. And returned it to an 91-year-old upstate New York widow had clandestine'd the cash underneath the couch. WABC-TV in New York has proclaims that a State University in New York have found many envelopes secretly stashed inside the couch that was on sale for $20 bought from the Salvation Army earlier in march.
      The money was found when they where cleaning the couch and lifted up the cushions so people could take a seat on the couch & one of the students found an envelope .The third year new-paltz to the university student Reece Werkhoven said he found the first cluster of envelopes on the side of the couch & kept searching till they found more envelopes stuffed with money in them.

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