Friday, May 17, 2013


Last Thursday a really special and famous person arrived in Auckland before the day he had his concert presented by The Hallenstein Brothers his name was WILL.IAM. I really couldn’t believe that he came to our school as a member of the Black eyed Peas & a solo artist as well.
   He presented a cheque to us and the other schools in the Manaiakalani $100.000.00 as a gift to all the schools to help us with our learning our netbooks. It was a really big Koha (Gift) & we got told that he traveled around the world to look for a school with good learning & out of all the schools in the world he picked us.

He shared a bit of information of his early childhood life about how hard his life was living back then. I was really Inspired by his story, how his only wish in the world was to take care of his mum & start a fresh new life with his mum. I loved his story it really Inspired me with how he became an artist. At the back all you could see was just cameras kind of like a paparazzi .

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